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Importing and exporting goods globally can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity. However, finding reputable trading partners and suppliers can be challenging, especially when venturing into new international markets. In the digital age, there are now a number of excellent online marketplaces and resources to help facilitate global trade.

In this post, we will look at the top 15 websites for importers and exporters in 2024 based on popularity, reputation, and usefulness for global trade.

Comprehensive B2B Marketplaces

1. Alibaba

As one of the world’s largest B2B e-commerce companies, Alibaba connects importers and exporters to thousands of manufacturers and suppliers in China and around the world. With 9 major sites under its umbrella focused on wholesale trade, retail, and online payments, Alibaba handled over $547 billion in transactions in 2017 alone. Its extensive supplier network and buyer protection programs make it a top choice for global sourcing and trade.

2. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is an emerging global B2B marketplace founded in 2014 that connects Chinese manufacturers and suppliers with buyers worldwide. It already hosts thousands of sellers and boasts fast growth, with ambitions to be a major player in facilitating trade between China and the rest of the world.

3. Tradewheel

Operating since 2003, Tradewheel is a US-based B2B marketplace with a significant global presence. It hosts over 5 million registered wholesale traders and covers 39 industries. Tradewheel offers useful buyer directories and connects businesses with targeted partners worldwide.

4. Global Sources

Founded in 2000, Global Sources has established itself as a key facilitator of international trade, especially between China/Hong Kong and the West. It hosts trade shows and verifies suppliers, making it easier to identify reputable partners. Over 1 million buyers worldwide use Global Sources.

Marketplaces for Specific Regions

5. Amazon

While better known for e-commerce, Amazon has extensive B2B capabilities. It provides opportunities for sellers worldwide to easily list products and connect with business buyers in 180+ countries. From its recommended suppliers to extensive global logistics network, Amazon is a powerful global trade platform.

6. eBay

eBay is another household name in e-commerce that also facilitates B2B transactions. It allows commercial sellers to connect with a huge buyer base globally. eBay’s international sites like and are excellent starting points for exporting regionally.

7. IndiaMART

IndiaMART is India’s largest online B2B marketplace. It hosts over 5 million suppliers and 60+ million buyers, making it an invaluably platform for importing from or exporting to one of the world’s fastest growing economies. No other site offers greater access to the Indian supplier network.


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council facilitates trade between Hong Kong/China and the world. It hosts more than 50 international trade fairs and over 120,000 suppliers. HKTDC offers buyer incentives, verified suppliers, and purchasing alerts to streamline sourcing from this manufacturing powerhouse.

Niche Industry Sites

9. GlobalSpec

With its extensive engineering focus and targeting of technical buyers, GlobalSpec is ideal for trade in industrial components, parts, and related services. Registered users can get extensive data on buyer behavior and trends.

10. Kinnek

Kinnek takes a novel approach by being a buyer-driven B2B marketplace. Buyers submit requests, and Kinnek’s algorithm identifies the most relevant suppliers. This unique approach provides buyers with significant price negotiation power. Kinnek currently focuses on specific industries like food services and manufacturing.

11. Made-in-China

As one of China’s largest B2B websites, Made-in-China is targeted at helping Chinese manufacturers and suppliers connect with international buyers. With over 40,000 suppliers on the site, Made-in-China makes an excellent starting point for sourcing from China.

Resources for New Exporters

12. Open to Export

Open to Export provides a wealth of free resources to help new and inexperienced exporters successfully expand overseas. Its articles and guides cover every aspect of the exporting journey. Open to Export also facilitates networking between new and experienced exporters.

13. Export Britain

Provided by the British Chambers of Commerce, Export Britain helps connect UK businesses with opportunities around the world. It provides market snapshots, international chamber directories, and other useful services to simplify expanding overseas.

14. Alibaba Country Profiles

Alibaba offers detailed country profiles covering business culture, laws, import duties, and opportunities in over 80 countries to help first-time exporters. These are invaluable market research resources.

15. HSBC Country Guides

HSBC also provides guides packed with essential information on regulations, business culture, and trade opportunities across many countries where it operates. These are targeted for businesses exploring those markets.


Expanding globally by importing and exporting provides massive opportunities for ambitious businesses. The key is finding reputable partners and suppliers to facilitate trade. The websites listed above make it easier than ever for businesses to access global markets and forge new relationships worldwide.

With the right digital tools and platforms, importing and exporting are now accessible even to small and medium enterprises with limited international experience. The resources are out there – so what’s stopping you from taking the first step?

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