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Importing and exporting goods across borders is a complex endeavor filled with regulations, paperwork, and logistics coordination. For business owners and supply chain professionals involved in international trade, continuous learning is a must to stay up-to-date and avoid costly mistakes.

Luckily there are some great podcasts out there dedicated to teaching the ins and outs of import/export. I've compiled my top 20 favorites to help you expand your knowledge and become a global trade pro!

The Trade Guys

Hosted by trade experts Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch, The Trade Guys breaks down all the latest buzz and developments around trade policy and how it impacts business. With deep dives into topics like the USMCA and Section 301 tariffs, this is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to understand the nuances of international trade.

With 30+ episodes per year, this podcast delivers consistent value in an easy-to-digest 30 minute format. I'd highly recommend subscribing.

Trade Talks

For another insightful trade policy podcast, check out Trade Talks from The Economist's Soumaya Keynes and Chad P. Bown of the Peterson Institute. Covering both global trade news and analysis, Trade Talks is perfect for keeping up with the rapid changes in the international landscape.

Keynes and Bown make a great team, breaking down even the most complex trade developments in a clear, engaging manner. If you're a trade "geek", this one's for you!

Two Minutes in Trade

As the name suggests, Two Minutes in Trade offers quick daily trade news updates, perfect for busy professionals. With succinct coverage of all the latest developments in trade policy, tariffs, and regulation, it's an efficient way to stay in the know.

I'm impressed by the sheer frequency of episodes and appreciate the clear and consistent format. This podcast delivers tremendous value in a short time commitment.


For entertaining and intelligent talk about international trade, tune into EMBARGOED! Hosted by trade law experts, topics range from breaking news analysis to the ins and outs of trade compliance.

Despite the complex subject matter, the hosts keep the conversation lively and engaging. This show offers an enjoyable way to absorb a wealth of trade knowledge.

Trade Finance Talks

Brought to you by Trade Finance Global, this podcast provides insights into the world of trade finance. With global expert guests exploring trends, innovations, and best practices, it's a fantastic resource for anyone in the import/export finance space.

I especially appreciate the diversity of perspectives shared, giving me a broader view of real-world trade finance. Overall an informative, well-produced show.


For a Hong Kong perspective on global trade, check out the HKTDC podcast. With a focus on Hong Kong's role in trade with China and Asia, it provides useful regional insights.

As a statutory body supporting Hong Kong businesses, HKTDC has fantastic access to local experts across manufacturing, marketing, logistics and more. Well worth a listen to expand your knowledge of this important market.

Simply Trade

Created specifically for trade "geeks", Simply Trade tackles complex compliance and regulation topics in an easy-to-grasp style. The engaging hosts break down need-to-know standards and requirements for smooth importing and exporting.

With episodes like "Drawback Simplified" and "When Tariffs Attack", this podcast delivers quick learning on critical trade operations. A superb resource for building your technical knowledge.

Trade Experettes

Bringing together women leaders in trade policy and law, Trade Experettes provides a unique perspective often missing in other international trade content. With diverse views on trade, economics, regulation and more, I always learn something new.

This podcast is empowering and eye-opening, exposing me to fresh ideas from talented women globally. The production value and guests are top-notch.

AIG Global Trade Series

This monthly podcast from insurance experts AIG offers forward-looking insights on the future of global trade. With guest interviews on making trade more sustainable, inclusive and resilient, it provides much-needed optimism and ideas.

I come away feeling inspired about opportunities to improve the trading system for the better. A worthwhile perspective beyond daily news.

Women in Trade

As the name implies, this podcast focuses on sharing stories of women leaders in international trade. With inspiring interviews exploring trade concepts, developments, and career journeys, it spotlights an underrepresented group.

I love hearing the unique paths each woman has taken to find success and meaning in this field. Their wisdom and experience is invaluable.

Trade Splaining

For a fun view of trade news from American expats in Switzerland, tune into Trade Splaining. The cheeky hosts recap bizarre current events and interview interesting personalities to unravel trade topics.

While they sometimes veer off topic, I find myself laughing aloud and learning lots along the way. Give this uncommon podcast a try for something refreshing.

Duty Drawback Expertise

Get the scoop on duty drawback and trade compliance from customs attorney Jay Charkow on Duty Drawback Expertise. In just 20 minutes an episode, Jay simplifies complex requirements for smooth importing and exporting.

From tariff codes to refunds, Jay’s specialized knowledge makes navigating trade regulations much less intimidating. His passion and commitment to education shines through.

Dollar & Sense: The Brookings Trade Podcast

Economist David Dollar demystifies all aspects of international trade and policy on Dollar & Sense. Approachable 25-minute episodes feature interviews explaining how trade impacts our lives and global economy.

David and his knowledgeable guests break down trade into easily digestible, practical concepts anyone can understand. An excellent foundation for non-experts.

Trade Matters

The Clayton Yeutter Institute brings this gem unpacking need-to-know trade developments. With great production value and content focused on making trade relatable, Trade Matters makes learning about trade genuinely interesting.

The diverse expert guests offer varied perspectives on all facets of trade. This podcast takes education about this complex issue to the next level.

The SupplyChainBrain Podcast

Get insights from supply chain leaders across industries on The SupplyChainBrain Podcast. With in-depth interviews on logistics, technology, best practices and more, it's a wealth of supply chain knowledge.

I'm impressed by the stellar line-up of guests and range of topics covered. This podcast consistently delivers value, making it a must for supply chain professionals.

Masters Method International Trade Podcast

Get quick lessons on trade compliance and security from the Masters Method podcast. Customs attorney Steve Zisser and his team clarify complex requirements in 15 minutes in a clear, engaging format.

From trade remedies to import/export processes, their specialized expertise provides critical education for trade professionals. I appreciate their passion for simplifying complex concepts.


I hope this review of my favorite 20 import and export podcasts gives you some fresh sources to boost your international trade knowledge. With this diverse collection of insightful, entertaining shows, you're sure to come away with valuable lessons and inspiration. Happy listening!

Which podcasts would you add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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