Ukraine's Top 10 Imports

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Ukraine, a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, exported 49.4 billion dollars in commodities worldwide in 2021. 

Since 2016, the dollar amount has increased by 35.8 percent.

The value of Ukraine’s exports remained constant from 2019 to 2021, despite a minus 0.9 percent decrease.

The Ukrainian hryvnia has fallen by minus 5.5 percent against the US dollar since 2016, and by minus 4.3 percent from 2019 to 2020, according to the average exchange rate. 

Exports paid for in stronger US dollars are significantly less expensive for overseas customers due to Ukraine’s weaker local currency.

Ukraine’s Most Important Trading Partners

According to the most recent available country-specific data, mainland China accounts for 14.4 percent of the global total, Poland with 7 percent, Russia with 5.5 percent, Turkey with 4.9 percent, Germany with 4.2 percent, India with 4 percent, Italy with 3.9 percent, the Netherlands with 3.7 percent, Egypt with 3.3 percent, Belarus with 2.7 percent, Hungary with 2.5 percent, and Spain with 2.5 percent bought 58.6 percent of products exported from Ukraine.

In 2021, Ukraine sent 2.7 billion dollars worth of goods to Russia, a decrease of minus 16.5 percent from 2020. 

Aluminum oxides, electrical railway or tramway axles and wheels, natural uranium, flat-rolled non-stainless steel products, and hot-rolled U-shaped sections composed of iron or non-alloy steel are among the most significant Ukrainian exports to Russia.

Energy-related products, such as processed petroleum oils, coal, and petroleum gas, are Ukraine’s largest cash-generating imports, followed by nuclear reactors and parts, and finally new rubber tires.

Ukraine’s trade deficit for 2021 was minus 1.8 billion dollars, down from minus 3.7 billion dollars the year before.

Moving to a continental level, 48.8 percent of Ukraine’s exports were delivered to European countries, while 39.8 percent were sold to Asian buyers. 

Another 8.2 percent of Ukraine’s exports went to Africa.

North America with 2.3 percent, Latin America with 0.8 percent omitting Mexico but including the Caribbean, and Oceania, led by Australia and the Marshall Islands, received smaller percentages of 0.1 percent.

With a population of 41.5 million people, Ukraine’s total exports of 49.4 billion dollars in 202q equates to about 1,200 dollars per person in the Eastern European country.

Top 10 Exports

At the 2-digit HTS code level, the following export product groups constitute the biggest dollar value in Ukrainian global shipments in 2021. 

The percentage share of each export category in terms of total exports from Ukraine is also indicated.

9.4 billion dollars in cereals account for 19.1 percent of total exports

7.7 billion dollars in iron and steel stands at 15.6 percent 

Fats, oils, and waxes from animals and plants: 5.8 billion dollars account for 11.7 percent 

4.4 billion dollars in ore, slag, and ash stands at 9 percent 

2.5 billion dollars in electrical machinery and equipment accounts for 5.2 percent 

1.9 billion dollars in machinery, including computers, stands at 3.9 percent 

1.8 billion dollars in oil seeds account for 3.7 percent 

1.6 billion dollars in food waste and animal fodder accounts for 3.2 percent 

1.4 billion dollars in wood stands at 2.9 percent 

877.8 million dollars in iron and steel articles accounts for 1.8 percent 

In terms of product category, Ukraine’s top ten exports accounted for 75.8 percent of the total value of its global shipments.

The fastest-growing export category among the top ten was ore, slag, and ash, which increased by 23.1 percent from 2019 to 2021.

Animal or vegetable fats, oils, and waxes came in second with a 21.7 percent increase in export sales.

Ukraine’s shipments of machinery, including computers, increased by 13.1 percent, the third-fastest increase in value.

Oil seeds were the biggest loser among Ukraine’s top ten export categories, with a minus 28.1 percent reduction year over year.

Ukraine’s Top 10 Imports

Cars, refined petroleum oils, pharmaceutical mixtures in dose, petroleum gases, coal, phone gadgets including smartphones, packaged insecticides, fungicides, or herbicides make for more than a quarter or 26.5 percent of all Ukrainian imports in terms of value.

According to the most recent figures, almost three-fifths of Ukraine’s total imports by value stand at 60.5 percent were purchased from European countries. 

30.9 percent of Ukraine’s imports came from Asian partners, while 6.2 percent came from North America.

Suppliers from Africa had 1.5 percent, Latin America got 1.4 percent omitting Mexico but including the Caribbean with 1.4 percent, and Oceania with 0.1 percent, led by Australia and New Zealand, which contributed smaller percentages.

With a population of 41.5 million people, Ukraine’s total imports of 54 billion dollars in 2021 equate to nearly 1,300 dollars in annual product demand for each individual in the Eastern European country.

Ukraine’s Top 10 Imports

Mineral fuels, including oil, are worth 7.8 billion dollars accounting for 14.4 percent of total imports

6.1 billion dollars on machinery, including computers, stands at 11.3 percent 

5.5 billion dollars in vehicles stands at 10.2 percent 

5.4 billion dollars in electrical machinery and equipment accounts for 9.9 percent 

2.52 billion dollars in pharmaceuticals stands at 4.7 percent 

2.48 billion dollars in plastics and plastic goods account for 4.6 percent 

1.3 billion dollars in other chemical goods stands at 2.5 percent 

1.2 billion dollars in optical, technical, and medical equipment accounts for 2.3 percent 

1 billion dollars in iron and steel stands at 1.9 percent 

927.6 million dollars in rubber and rubber products stand at 1.7 percent 

Ukraine’s top ten imports accounted for nearly two-thirds of the total value of its goods acquisitions from other nations which is 63.5 percent.

Optical, technical, and medical apparatus is the fastest-growing category among Ukraine’s top import categories, with a gain of 18.4 percent from 2019 to 2021. 

The pharmaceuticals category was the second-fastest gainer, up 17.7 percent, followed by a 0.4 percent increase in Ukraine’s imports of miscellaneous chemical items.

Mineral fuels including oil posted the steepest decline year over year due to a minus 36.3 percent drop.

Ukraine’s Top Trading Partners

In 2020, Ukraine exported 47.4 billion dollars worth of goods around the world. 

As of February 9, 2021, that statistic accounted for around 0.3 percent of total global exports, which were valued at 17.546 trillion.

By value, 55.8 percent of Ukrainian exports went to European countries, while 31.7 percent went to Asian buyers, according to a continental lens. 

Ukraine exported 8.7 percent of its total exports to Africa.

North America got 2.8 percent, Latin America got 0.6 percent, excluding Mexico but including the Caribbean with 0.6 percent, and Oceania with 0.1 percent, which includes Australia and the Marshall Islands, received smaller percentages.

Here is a list of 15 of Ukraine’s largest import partners, or the countries that imported the most Ukrainian shipments in terms of dollar value in 2020. 

The percentage of total Ukrainian exports for each import nation is also indicated.

Russia: 3.7 billion dollars accounts for 7.7 percent of total Ukrainian exports

3.3 billion dollars for Poland stands at 6.9 percent 

2.6 billion dollars in Italy accounts for 5.6 percent 

2.4 billion dollars for Turkey is 5 percent 

2.2 billion dollars in Germany stands at 4.7 percent 

2.2 billion dollars in China accounts for 4.7 percent 

2.2 billion dollars for India stands at 4.6 percent 

Hungary with 1.6 billion dollars is 3.5 percent 

1.6 billion dollars in the Netherlands equates to 3.4 percent

1.6 billion dollars for Egypt stands at 3.3 percent 

1.4 billion dollars for Spain is 2.9 percent 

Belarus with 1.3 billion dollars stands at 2.8 percent 

1.1 billion dollars in the United States stands at 2.4 percent 

Romania with 934.1 million dollars accounts for 2 percent 

878.4 million dollars in the Czech Republic stands at 1.9 percent 

In 2018, the previously mentioned 15 trading partners accounted for over two-thirds or 61 percent of Ukrainian exports.

Year-over-year increases in export sales varied from 3.6 percent in China to 33.5 percent in the United States.

Egypt was the leading importer that reduced its purchases from Ukraine by minus 15 percent between 2017 and 2018.


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