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Exim Banca Românească recently completed a rebranding from its previous name, EximBank. The bank has transitioned from a specialized corporate lender focused on export-import activities into a universal bank providing a full range of retail and corporate banking services.

This transition comes after EximBank acquired a 99.28% stake in Banca Românească in 2019. The merger and rebranding have allowed Exim Banca Românească to expand its customer base and branch network significantly.

Some key facts about Exim Banca Românească:

  • Founded in 1992 as a state-owned export-import bank
  • Majority owned by the Romanian government (95.3% stake)
  • Other shareholders include various SIF investment funds
  • Completed acquisition of Banca Românească in 2019
  • Rebranded as Exim Banca Românească in May 2023
  • Now operates as a universal commercial bank
  • 83 branches and 26 business centers nationwide
  • Ranked 8th largest bank in Romania by assets
Year 2020 2021
Total Assets RON 44.9 billion RON 56 billion
Net Profit RON 223 million RON 452 million

The rebranding and expanded model aim to accelerate financial intermediation and provide tailored solutions to a wider array of clients in Romania. Exim Banca Românească is positioning itself as an engine of national prosperity through responsible lending and funding.

History and Ownership

Exim Banca Românească has its origins as a state-owned specialized lender. Some key events:

  • 1992 - Founded as Banca de Export-Import a României (EximBank)
  • 1992 - Established as a joint stock company with the Romanian government as majority shareholder
  • 2019 - Acquired a 99.28% stake in Banca Românească from National Bank of Greece
  • 2023 - Rebranded from EximBank to Exim Banca Românească

The bank's ownership structure is as follows:

  • Romanian Ministry of Finance - 95.03%
  • SIF Oltenia - 3.27%
  • SIF Muntenia - 0.42%
  • SIF Banat-Crisana - 0.31%
  • SIF Moldova - 0.31%
  • SIF Transilvania - 0.31%

Exim Banca Românească's majority ownership by the Romanian state aligns it with the government's economic development objectives. The bank acts as an agent to execute lending and promotion of Romanian exports.

The 2019 acquisition of Banca Românească was a key strategic move to expand into retail banking. This enabled the transition to a universal bank model serving all customer segments.

Some key milestones:

  • 1992 - Founded as specialized state-owned lender
  • 2019 - Acquired Banca Românească
  • 2023 - Rebranding as universal commercial bank
  • 95.03% - Owned by Romanian Ministry of Finance

The state ownership ensures Exim Banca Românească promotes national economic goals through its banking services.

New Universal Bank Model

The acquisition of Banca Românească enabled EximBank to expand into a universal bank model. This transition was marked by a rebranding to Exim Banca Românească in May 2023.

As a universal bank, Exim Banca Românească now provides:

  • Retail banking
    • Savings accounts
    • Credit cards
    • Consumer loans
    • Mortgages
  • Corporate banking
    • Business loans
    • Cash management
    • Trade finance
    • Treasury services
  • Digital banking channels

This wider range of products and services allows the bank to meet the needs of both individual and business customers.

With the Banca Românească acquisition, Exim Banca Românească expanded its distribution network substantially:

  • 83 branches
  • 26 business centers

The expanded footprint allows the bank to serve customers across Romania and create greater national impact.

Some benefits of the universal banking model:

  • One-stop shop for customers' financial needs
  • Ability to cross-sell products to diverse client base
  • Operational efficiencies from integrated systems
  • Broader revenue streams and profit centers

The transition cements Exim Banca Românească's position as a top 10 bank in Romania, with its market share increasing to approximately 8%. This platform enables the bank to accelerate financial intermediation and promote inclusive growth.

Part of Three Seas Initiative

Exim Banca Românească is contributing to regional economic development through its role in the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund.

  • Initiative launched in 2016 with 12 member countries in Central/Eastern Europe
  • EximBank partnered with Poland's BGK bank to establish fund in 2019
  • Focused on transport, energy, and digital infrastructure
  • Target size of €3-5 billion

The Three Seas region requires an estimated €570 billion in infrastructure investment. The fund aims to mobilize private capital alongside public funding sources.

Current Three Seas Initiative members:

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

The investment fund aligns with Romania's national development priorities by promoting connectivity and integration within the Three Seas region.

Potential benefits of the initiative:

  • Enhanced trading routes
  • Greater energy security
  • Digital advancement
  • Infrastructure financing options

Exim Banca Românească's role in the fund allows it to finance projects that spur sustainable growth in Romania and neighboring markets.

The bank's export-import expertise is valuable in identifying cross-border infrastructure projects that boost regional cooperation and prosperity. Its participation showcases Romania as a proactive partner within Three Seas.

Financial Performance

Exim Banca Românească has delivered strong financial results following its transition to a universal bank model. Some key highlights:

Net Profit

Year Net Profit (RON million) Growth (%)
2020 223
2021 452 +102.5%
  • Net profit more than doubled from 2020 to 2021
  • Strong bottom-line growth as universal bank model gains traction

Total Assets

Year Total Assets (RON billion) Growth (%)
2020 44.9
2021 56 +24.7%
  • Total assets increased nearly 25% in 2021
  • Expanded balance sheet provides funding capacity

Net Interest Income

  • Up 61.9% in 2021, benefiting from larger asset base

Cost-to-Income Ratio

  • Decreased from 63.8% in 2020 to 59.5% in 2021
  • Operational efficiency improving as merger synergies realized

Branch Network

  • Expanded to 83 branches and 26 business centers
  • Enables greater customer proximity and service

Exim Banca Românească is well positioned for the future, with a solid foundation for growth and performance.

Key strengths:

  • Strong asset growth and profitability
  • Improved efficiency and cost management
  • Expanded distribution network
  • Universal banking capabilities

The bank is leveraging its repositioning and larger balance sheet to provide financing that supports national economic development. Its growth reinforces financial stability while delivering inclusive banking services.


Exim Banca Românească has embarked on an exciting new chapter as a rebranded universal bank. Its transition equips it to serve the diverse needs of retail and corporate customers, catalyzing financial intermediation.

  • Completed strategic acquisition of Banca Românească
  • Expanded products, services, and distribution network
  • Positioned among top 10 largest banks in Romania
  • Delivered strong financial performance in 2021
  • Supports national development as majority state-owned bank
  • Participates in regional Three Seas Initiative for infrastructure investment

With its redefined model, Exim Banca Românească is accelerating financial inclusion and economic prosperity in Romania. It aims to foster productive growth through responsible lending to consumers and businesses.

The bank's origins and ownership ensure its interests are aligned with the nation. Exim Banca Românească is poised to increase its impact, backed by an upgraded platform and capabilities. Its evolution makes it an important player in Romania's banking sector and continued advancement.


What is Exim Banca Românească?

Exim Banca Românească is a universal commercial bank based in Romania. It was rebranded in 2023 from the previous name EximBank. The bank provides retail and corporate banking services.

Who owns Exim Banca Românească?

The Romanian government, through the Ministry of Finance, is the majority shareholder owning 95.03% of the bank's shares. Additional minority stakes are held by several Romanian investment funds.

How did EximBank transition into a universal bank?

In 2019, EximBank acquired a 99.28% stake in Banca Românească. This enabled the bank to expand into retail banking and serve both individual and business customers. The rebranding to Exim Banca Românească marked its official transition to a universal bank model.

What is the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund?

This is a €3-5 billion infrastructure investment fund established by Exim Banca Românească and Poland's BGK bank in 2019. It finances projects focused on transport, energy, and digital infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe.

What was Exim Banca Românească's financial performance in 2021?

The bank achieved 102.5% net profit growth and 24.7% asset growth in 2021 following its repositioning as a universal bank. Its net interest income and operational efficiency also improved considerably.














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