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History and Founding

EXIM Bank was founded in 1999 by the following individuals:

  • Nazrul Islam Mazumder
  • Late Shahjahan Kabir

Nazrul Islam Mazumder served as the first Chairman of the Bank.

Key milestones:

  • Founded in 1999 as BEXIM Bank Limited
  • Started operations on August 3, 1999
  • Initial authorized capital of Tk 1 billion (US$12.87 million)
  • Initial paid up capital of Tk 225 million (US$2.9 million)
  • Advisor Alamgir Kabir and Managing Director Mohammad Lakiotullah appointed
  • July 2004 - First bank in Bangladesh to fully convert to shariah-based banking
  • December 2000 - Authorized and paid up capital increased:| Authorized Capital | Paid Up Capital | |-|-| |Tk.16.12 billion |Tk.9.22 billion|
  • 2009 - Opened first exchange house in UK

The bank has grown significantly since its founding over 20 years ago. Some key figures:

  • 60+ branches across Bangladesh
  • Over 2000 employees
  • More than 500,000 customers
  • Tk 25 billion in deposits (2018)
  • Tk 20 billion in advances (2018)

The bank has positioned itself as a leading private commercial bank in the country through steady growth and adoption of new technologies and services. Its founding as the first fully shariah-based bank paved the way for Islamic banking in Bangladesh.

Growth and Expansion

Since its founding, EXIM Bank has experienced significant growth and expansion:

  • Branches
    • Expanded branch network to 60+ branches
    • Covering major cities and commercial areas
  • Digital Services
    • Implemented core banking software TEMENOS T24
    • Added alternate delivery channels:
      • ATMs
      • SMS banking
      • Mobile banking
    • Modernized IT infrastructure
  • Leadership
    • Managing Directors:
      • Mohammed Lakiotullah (1999 - 2004)
      • Kazi Masihur Rahman (2006 - 2011)
      • Mohammed Haider Ali Miah (2012 - present)
    • Current MD Miah is first ever in-house appointment
  • International
    • 2009 - Opened first exchange house in UK
    • Expanded correspondent banking and remittance channels
  • Capital and Funding
    • Authorized capital increased from Tk 1 billion to Tk 16.12 billion
    • Bond issuance approved:
      • 2019: Tk 6 billion
      • 2021: Tk 6 billion (perpetual bond)

Other Expansions

  • Large agricultural lending portfolio
  • Major SME and retail lending activities
  • Ventured into investment banking
  • Expanded CSR activities:
    • Scholarships
    • Hospitals
    • Agricultural university

The bank aims to continue expanding in Bangladesh and internationally to cement its position as a leading private bank.

Products and Services

EXIM Bank offers a wide range of corporate and retail banking products and services:

Corporate Banking

  • Working capital finance
  • Term loans
  • Trade finance
    • LC, bank guarantees
    • Import and export handling
  • Corporate deposits
  • Cash management
  • Supply chain financing
  • Investment banking

Retail Banking

  • Deposits
    • Savings accounts
    • Term deposits
    • Non-resident accounts
  • Lending
    • Consumer loans
    • Auto loans
    • Mortgages
    • SME loans
  • Digital Services
    • Mobile banking
    • Internet banking
    • ATM network


  • Money market operations
  • Investment in securities
  • Foreign exchange

Islamic Banking

  • Deposits
    • Al Wadiah current accounts
    • Mudaraba savings accounts
  • Financing
    • Murabaha
    • Ijara
    • Musharaka
  • Other shariah-compliant products

Distribution Network

  • 60+ branches
  • 200+ ATMs
  • Thousands of POS terminals
  • Mobile banking app

EXIM Bank aims to be a one-stop provider for banking services in Bangladesh. It will continue enhancing its products and channels to best serve customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

EXIM Bank engages in many corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives:


  • EXIM Bank Scholarship Program
    • Launched in 2006
    • Has provided scholarships to over 2000 students
    • Partnered with 350+ educational institutions
  • EXIM Bank Agricultural University
    • Established private agricultural university
    • Located in Chapainawabganj, Rajshahi


  • EXIM Bank Hospital
    • 10,000 square feet facility in Dhaka
    • Will provide affordable healthcare services

Community Development

  • City Beautification Project
    • Sponsored project by Dhaka City Corporation
    • Aims to improve infrastructure and environment of Dhaka
  • Youth and sports sponsorship
    • Sponsored Bangladesh Special Olympics team
    • Supported events like SAFF Women's Championship

Arts and Culture

  • Amar Ekushey Book Fair
    • Key sponsor of the annual book fair
    • Sets up large interactive booth
  • Bengal Classical Music Festival
    • Sponsors annual classical music festival
    • Showcases Bangladeshi and Indian artists

EXIM Bank sees CSR as an important part of its identity. It aims to continue supporting impactful initiatives in education, health, sports, culture and communities.

Awards and Recognition

EXIM Bank has received numerous awards and recognition over the years:

  • ICMAB Best Corporate Award 2013
    • Received from Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh
    • Recognizes overall management performance and corporate success
  • International BIZZ Award 2013
    • Worldwide business award program
    • Honors outstanding companies globally across all sectors
  • International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality
    • Received prestigious international quality award
  • Best Retail Bank Bangladesh 2018
    • Awarded by Global Banking and Finance Review
    • Recognizes leadership in retail banking
  • Fastest Growing Bank Asia 2018
    • Conferred by Global Brands Magazine
    • Honors rapid growth and strong performance
  • Best Employer Brand Awards 2019
    • Awarded by employer branding institute
    • Recognizes excellent HR practices and workplace culture
  • Best Corporate Governance Bank 2019
    • Awarded by Institute of Chartered Secretaries of Bangladesh
    • Recognizes strong governance and transparency
  • Best Sustainability Report Award
    • For its 2019 Sustainability Report
    • Honors high quality sustainability disclosures

These awards validate EXIM Bank's position as one of the leading private commercial banks in Bangladesh. They recognize its financial performance, governance, workplace culture, brand reputation and commitment to sustainability. The bank will continue striving for excellence in all areas to uphold its standards.


Over the past 20+ years, EXIM Bank has established itself as one of the leading private commercial banks in Bangladesh. It has achieved steady growth and made major contributions to the banking sector:

  • Pioneered Islamic banking by being the first fully shariah-based bank
  • Expanded nationwide network of branches
  • Implemented cutting edge banking technologies
  • Maintained strong corporate governance and performance
  • Introduced innovative products and services
  • Developed robust risk management and compliance
  • Demonstrated commitment to ethics and sustainability
  • Led various impactful CSR initiatives

Despite intense competition, EXIM Bank has built significant brand equity and trust. It strives to be a world-class financial services provider that contributes to the economic development of Bangladesh.

With its strong foundations and customer-centric approach, the bank is well-positioned for the future. It will continue adapting to emerging trends and achieving new milestones. Under prudent leadership and governance, EXIM Bank aims to deliver value to its customers, employees, shareholders and society at large.


1. When was EXIM Bank established?

EXIM Bank was established in 1999 under the leadership of Chairman Nazrul Islam Mazumder and founder Shahjahan Kabir. It started operations on August 3, 1999.

2. What are some key products and services of EXIM Bank?

EXIM Bank provides a full range of corporate banking, retail banking, SME banking, investment services, trade financing, treasury, and Islamic banking services. Key products include loans, deposit accounts, trade financing, supply chain financing, mobile/digital banking, debit/credit cards, and more.

3. How many branches does EXIM Bank have?

As of 2022, EXIM Bank has over 60 branches covering major cities and commercial areas across Bangladesh. It also has over 200 ATMs.

4. What are some major awards won by EXIM Bank?

Some key awards include Best Corporate Award 2013 from ICMAB, International BIZZ Award 2013, Best Retail Bank Bangladesh 2018, and Best Sustainability Report Award 2019. This recognizes EXIM Bank's strong performance, governance, and commitment to sustainability.

5. What CSR initiatives does EXIM Bank engage in?

EXIM Bank runs large scholarship programs supporting over 2000 students yearly. It also sponsors an agricultural university, hospitals, city beautification projects, book fairs, and cultural events. CSR is a key focus area.














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