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The Top Agro Products That Are Most Exported in the World

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the global economy, providing food, feed, fiber, fuel and other essential goods and services. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), agricultural trade accounted for about 8% of the total merchandise trade in 2020, reaching a value of $1.8 trillion. But what are the top agro products that are most exported in the world? And which countries are the leading exporters of these products? In this blog post, we will answer these questions based on the latest data from various sources.

Wheat is a cereal crop that is widely consumed as a staple food in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, Africa and Europe. Wheat is also used for animal feed, biofuel production and industrial purposes. In 2020, the total exported quantities of wheat reached over 198.5 million tons, a quarter of total global wheat production. The largest exporter of wheat was Russia (37.2 million tons), followed by the United States (26.1 million tons) and Canada (26.1 million tons) .

Soybeans are legumes that are rich in protein, oil and other nutrients. Soybeans are mainly used for animal feed, human consumption, biodiesel production and industrial purposes. Soybeans are also a major source of vegetable oil and soybean meal, which are further processed and traded as separate commodities. In 2020, the total export quantity of soybeans reached 173.3 million tons with a market value of $64.1 billion. The biggest exporters of soybeans were Brazil with 82.9 million tons, the United States with 64.5 million tons, and Paraguay with 6.6 million tons .

Corn, also known as maize, is a cereal crop that is widely consumed as a staple food in many countries worldwide, especially in Africa and Latin America. Corn is also an essential commodity for international trade, whose export market value for 2020 was $36.7 billion. The top three exporters of corn were the United States, with 51.8 million tons of corn exported; Argentina, with 36.8 million tons; and Brazil, with 34.4 million tons .

Rapeseed, also known as canola, is an oilseed crop that is mainly used for producing vegetable oil and biodiesel. Rapeseed oil is also used for cooking, salad dressing, margarine and other food products. Rapeseed meal, a by-product of oil extraction, is used for animal feed. In 2020, over 25.1 million tons of rapeseed were exported worldwide. Most of the exported rapeseed came from Canada, which exported 11.7 million tons, followed by Ukraine with 2.3 million tons, and the Netherlands with 1.9 million tons .

Bananas are tropical fruits that are widely consumed as a fresh or processed product in many regions of the world, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Bananas are also an important source of income and employment for many developing countries that produce and export them. In 2020, over 20 million tons of bananas were exported worldwide with a market value of $14 billion. The largest exporter of bananas was Ecuador with 7 million tons, followed by Colombia with 2.4 million tons, and Guatemala with 2 million tons .

Other highly exported agricultural products in 2020 include:

- Rice (1.3 million tons)
- Chicken meat (3.5 million tons)
- Sorghum (6.5 million tons)
- Apples (808.1 thousand tons)

The leading countries in global agricultural exports
It is no surprise that the largest countries in the world are among the biggest producers and exporters of agricultural products. However, some countries have a higher share of their output dedicated to exports than others, depending on their domestic demand, production capacity and trade policies.

According to Statista , the leading countries worldwide by value of agricultural products exported 

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