Top Cow Milk Importing And Exporting Countries

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As of 2020, worldwide purchases of milk imports totaled 30 billion U.S dollars.

The world’s 5 biggest markets for imported cow milk are China, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. Collectively, those 5 countries bought about one-third which is 33 percent of milk imported worldwide in 2020.

Before proceed indepth to the topic, here is a list of the top cow milk importing and exporting countries

Top cow milk importing countries are:

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Algeria
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria

Top cow milk exporting countries are:

  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • The United States
  • Netherlands
  • France



Top Cow Milk Importing Countries

Closely following these top 5 countries are Hong Kong, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Nigeria.

China which leads the pack of the highest importer and consumers of cow milk spent 4.6 Billion Dollars on cow milk importation in 2020

Germany spent Germany 1.8 Billion Dollars on cow milk importation in the said year while the Netherlands splashed a whooping 1.3 Billion in the importation and consumption of the product.

According to reports Belgium was the fourth-highest spender globally in 2020 with 1.11 Billion Dollars. Italy recorded 1.06 Billion Dollars closely followed by Hong Kong and Algeria with 1.04 Billion Dollars and 1.02 Billion dollars respectively

Sitting at the 8th spot in terms of cow milk consumption and importation is Saudi Arabia with 895.2 Million Dollars. Mexico consumed 788 Million Dollars worth of Cow Milk in 2020.

Surprisingly, we have Nigeria as the 10th highest global importer of cow milk spending 772.6 Million Dollars to import the diary product.

Indonesia is the 11th highest importer of cow milk globally with 733.2 Million Dollars spent on importation.

As of 2020, United Arab Emirates consumed 665.2 Million Dollars worth of cow milk while the Philippines closely followed with 635 Million Dollars spent.

Malaysia sits at the 14th position globally when it comes to cow milk production with 594 Million spent while on the number 15th spot we have Russia with 526.5 Million spent on cow milk importation.

Based on the information we have here, the listed 15 countries purchased 58.6% of all milk imports in 2020.

Among the above top importers of cow milk, the fastest-growing markets are China with up to 115.4 percent, Nigeria with up to 105.4 percent, Indonesia with up to 56.4 percent, and Malaysia with up to 38 percent.

However, three top countries that witnessed declines in their cow milk importation include Hong Kong with a minus 35.9 percent decline, Russia with a minus 18.6 percent decline, and the United Arab Emirates with a minus 9.2 percent.

We should note here that cow milk consumption does not equate with its importation. Some countries are high consumers but not high importers because they have a self-sufficient dairy industry whereas some countries are high consumers and high importers basically because the need and demand for the product in such countries are very high. Also, we have some countries that produce more but consume less. Hence such countries export more of their cow milk.

Overall China still remains the highest importer of cow milk majorly because of its huge population and the preference of the Chinese people for imported cow milk due to a series of cow milk scandals that have engulfed the Asian giants in recent years.

For those who intend to go into cow milk exportation, you should be targetting majorly countries with high importation rates of the product because that is where the demand is. Hence you will sell more quantities and make more profits from those countries.


Top Cow Milk Exporting Countries

Based on reports, in 2020, cow milk exports totaled 29.1 Billion Dollars which accelerated in value by 23.9 percent for all cow milk shipping nations over the 5 years starting in 2016 when international milk sales were worth 23.4 Billion Dollars.

From 2019 to 2020, the value of globally exported cow milk slightly declined by minus 0.9 percent.

New Zealand, Germany, the United States, Netherlands, and France make up the list of the 5 most valuable suppliers of cow milk in the international market.

In 2020, these 5 countries accounted for 54 percent which is over half of global cow milk shipments by value.

However, from a continental perspective, the European Union sold over half of the worldwide cow milk exports which stand at 52.2 percent.

New Zealand leads countries in the continent of Oceania and placed second in terms of cow milk exportation at 25.6 percent.

Cow milk exporters in North America were responsible for 8.6 percent of global milk exports ahead of Asia’s cow milk exporters at 8 percent.

South America came in at 4.7 percent, trailed by suppliers in Africa at 0.9 percent.

Hence the continent with the highest export of cow milk is the European Union while Africa has the lowest export rate for cow milk.

It is worthy to note that there are two major product classifications used for the international trade of milk. The 4-digit Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) code prefix is 0401 for cow milk and cream that is not concentrated nor contains added sugar or other sweetening matter. It is 0402 for cow milk that does contain concentrated or added sugar.

Unsweetened cow milk exports under HTS prefix 0401 amounted to 8.8 Billion Dollars which is 30.1 percent of the global total On the other hand, sweetened cow milk items under code 0402 came to 20.3 Billion Dollars which is 69.9 percent in the same year.

Let’s take a look at 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of cow milk during 2020. This list encompasses both unsweetened and unsweetened varieties of the product.

According to 2020 rankings, New Zealand is the highest exporter of cow milk exporting 6.5 Billion Dollars value of the product which amounts to 22.4 percent of total global cow milk exports.

Following New Zealand is Germany covering 10.1 percent of cow milk global export valued at 2.9 Billion Dollars

The United States is the third highest exporter of cow milk globally. Covering 7.9 percent which is valued at 2.3 Billion Dollars.

The United States is closely followed by Netherlands 7.5 percent global export valued at 2.2 Billion Dollars.

France exports 1.8 Billion Dollars worth of cow milk which accounts for 6.2 percent of global export.

Belgium does a volume of 5.2 percent valued at 1.5 Billion Dollars while Australia is the 7th highest global exporter of cow milk sending out 3.3.percent volume of the overall global export valued at 946.4 Million Dollars.

Poland exports 833.8 Million Dollars worth of the products which is 2.9 percent. Ireland made 774.2 Million Dollars from cow milk export in 2020. The United Kingdom also made the list sitting on the 10th spot with 726 Million Dollars generated from its export of cow milk which is valued at 2.5 percent of global export figures.

Belarus is the eleventh highest exporter of cow milk in the world raking in 597.7 Million Dollars valued at 2.1 percent of world cow milk export.

Saudi Arabia follows Belarus with 528.8 Million Dollars in cow milk export. The Arab country is closely followed by Argentina with a 519.3 Million Dollar export value.

Hong Kong and Uruguay are the fourteenth and fifteenth global highest cow milk exporters respectively with 514.8 Million Dollars and 475.1 Million Dollars in value.

The 15 countries listed in this video shipped almost 79.5 percent of worldwide cow milk exported in 2020.

Among the listed major cow milk suppliers, the fastest-growing countries for exported cow milk since 2016 were: Ireland with a 147 percent rise in export, Poland with a 65.3% percent rise in export, the United States with a 63.3 percent rise in export, and New Zealand up by 49.3 percent.

However, two of the major cow milk exporting countries witnessed declines in their exported cow milk sales. Belarus cow milk sales declined by minus 6.9 percent and Saudi Arabia cow milk sales also declined by minus 4.9 percent.


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The European Union sold over half of the worldwide cow milk exports which stand at 52.2 percent. New Zealand is the highest exporter of cow milk exporting 6.5 billion dollars worth of the product. The United States is closely followed by Netherlands 7.5 percent global export valued at 2.2 billion dollars.



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