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In this post, we will be taking a look at 10 countries with the highest importation of raw cashew nuts based on consumption.

For a long time, raw cashews have been processed and enjoyed as a snack. cashews nuts are also a common ingredient in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, particularly in Asian cuisine. Cashews are often used in mueslis, energy bars, biscuits, chocolates, and ice creams nowadays. Cashews are high in nutrients including copper, which helps to maintain bone health. One ounce of cashew has 622 micro-grams of copper. According to the International Nut and Dried Fruit Council, cashews have an inflation-driven consumption trend.

The top 10 cashew importing countries are:

  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • South Africa
  • Egypt
  • Isreal

Top 10 Cashew Nut Top Importing Countries

Cashews have a higher fiber content than peanuts, and they aid weight growth by enhancing digestive function. To address the need for such high-value nutrition, snack producers have introduced a variety of cashew-based snacks, including ready-to-drink cashew milk, which works as a lactose-free milk substitute. Cashew nut consumption is on the rise in the European region, thanks to rising health consciousness among consumers. Cashew nuts are increasingly being used as an ingredient in spreads and snack bars (particularly organic), which is increasing overall cashew consumption.

Asia-Pacific has been a consistent importer of cashews despite the presence of large cashew-producing countries, such as India and Vietnam. Vietnam is the leading country in the world in terms of consumption, with 2.2 million metric tons in 2019.

Asia-Pacific is the largest consumer of cashew nuts in the world. China leads the region in cashew import, followed by Japan, Thailand, and India. The demand for raw cashew nuts in Asia has persistently increased as the imports for the product is also increasing.

We want you to know that consumption does not equate to importation. Vietnam is the world’s largest consumer of the product. However, they don’t fall within the category of top importers because they are self sufficient. Their production rate perfectly meets their consumption demand.

Kindly note that this list of the top 10 importers of cashew nuts is based on figures obtained in 2020 from

In 2020, India was the highest importer of raw cashew nut based on local demand.

According to, in 2020, India’s cashew nut import rate was valued at 1.09 million U.S. dollars. That year, China was the second largest importer of raw cashew nuts in the world with an import value of around over 15 million U.S. dollars.

Belgium is the third highest importer of raw cashew nuts with a total import valued at 3.06 Million Dollars

Netherlands is next with an import value of 1.41 Million Dollars. The United States closely follows Netherlands and sits at the number fifth spot splashing 1.17 Million Dollars on the importation of raw cashew nuts in 2020.

United Kingdom is the sixth highest importer of raw cashew nuts in the world with 0.82 Million Dollars import value. Sri Lanka closely follows the United Kingdom with an import rate valued at 0.75 Million Dollars.

In Africa, South Africa is the highest importer of the product with an import value of 0,58 Million Dollars in 2020.

Another African country, Egypt closely follows South Africa and sitting on the number 9 spot with an import value of raw cashew nut at 0.58 Million Dollars

Isreal is the 10th largest importer of raw cashew nut with an import value of 0.48 Million Dollars.


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We made this post majorly for raw cashew nuts traders looking for export opportunities. You will definitely agree with us that if you are thinking of exporting your raw cashew nuts products, you should be looking at the highest importers in the world as that is where the market is. Demand for raw cashew nuts in these countries mentioned earlier is very high and this guarantees very high profitability for traders that can successfully get their products to these countries.



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